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apricots, artichoke, aubergine, basil, beetroot, bilberries, blueberries, broad beans, broccoli, carrots, cherries, chervil, chillies, chives, cod, coley, coriander, courgettes, crab, dill, dover sole, elderflowers, fennel, french beans, garlic, gooseberries, greengages, haddock, halibut, herring, jersey royal new potatoes, kiwi fruit, kohlrabi, lamb, langoustine, lettuce & salad leaves, mackerel, mangetout, melons, mint, nasturtium, new potatoes, onions, oregano, pak choi, parsley (curly), parsley (flat-leafed), peaches, peas, plaice, pollack, prawns, rabbit, radishes, rocket, rosemary, runner beans, sage, salmon, samphire, sardines, scallops (queen), sea bream, sea trout, shrimp, sorrel, spinach, spring onions, squid, strawberries, tarragon, thyme, tomatoes, turnips, watercress, whelks, whitebait, wild nettles, wood pigeon,

266 recipes match an ingredient

Ingredient match
Ben'Full of veg' tomato sauceCARROTS, OREGANO 2Lots4812013-04-29
Ben'Full of veg' tomato sauceTOMATOES, ONIONS, COURGETTES 3Lots4812013-04-29
Ben12 hour rabbit bologneseONIONS, GARLIC, CARROTS, RABBIT, THYME, ROSEMARY, TOMATOES 7145892012-03-31
Ben5 minute pizza sauceTHYME, GARLIC, TOMATOES, BASIL, OREGANO 542292020-06-10
BenA killer mac 'n' cheeseGARLIC, THYME, TOMATOES 38-105032013-11-06
BenA tagine of lamb with apricots recipe by Nigel SlaterONIONS, TOMATOES, APRICOTS, MINT, CORIANDER, LAMB, GARLIC 7436922013-04-22
BenAngela Hartnett's cod with broad beans, salami and mint recipeBROAD BEANS, COD, MINT 343992017-05-07
BenAsian noodle broth with fishGARLIC, CHILLIES, CORIANDER, MANGETOUT 444012017-06-16
BenAubergine Parmigiana (Melanzane alla Parmigiana)TOMATOES, AUBERGINE, OREGANO, BASIL, GARLIC 565912014-01-06
BenAubergine, tomato and goat's cheese stacksBASIL, TOMATOES, AUBERGINE, GARLIC, ROCKET 544962011-03-06
BenAwesome spinach and ricotta cannelloniBASIL, SPINACH, TOMATOES, GARLIC, OREGANO 545972012-06-28
BenBBQ beef short ribs with winter slawDILL, BEETROOT, CARROTS, ONIONS 464612016-02-17
BenBaked trout with white wine and fennelFENNEL, TARRAGON 224842012-05-31
BenBeef Rogan JoshTOMATOES, GARLIC, ONIONS, CORIANDER 445022011-07-08
BenBeef and chorizo with horseradish mash and rosemary dumplingsCARROTS, ROSEMARY 245092011-11-04
BenBeef and vegetable casseroleTHYME, GARLIC 245692011-10-25
BenBeef rendangCORIANDER, CHILLIES, GARLIC 344352015-05-09
BenBeetroot and ginger chutneyBEETROOT 11.5 litres5132012-03-31
BenBeetroot dipCORIANDER, BEETROOT 283862018-05-08
BenBeetroot, Apple and Onion ChutneyBEETROOT, ONIONS 2Lots4862011-03-04
BenBest roast leg of lamb with proper homemade mint sauceGARLIC, MINT, ROSEMARY, LAMB 484892014-12-07
BenBlood orange and anchovy saladTARRAGON, RADISHES, FENNEL, ROCKET, BASIL, CORIANDER 646472011-03-15
AngelaBlueberry and white chocolate muffinsBLUEBERRIES 165172011-12-15
BenBlueberry, Orange and Buttermilk PancakesBLUEBERRIES 164002015-03-12
BenBlueberry, raspberry and vanilla pancakesBLUEBERRIES 145262014-10-14
BenBraised Lamb Shank PieGARLIC, LAMB, ROSEMARY, ONIONS 465022011-03-05
BenBraised oxcheek with liquoriceROSEMARY, CARROTS, ONIONS, GARLIC, THYME 545562011-10-10
BenCalamarata Pasta with Stewed Cuttlefish and Peas.TOMATOES, ONIONS, PEAS 342752020-06-19
BenCaribbean curried hoggetGARLIC, THYME, CORIANDER, TOMATOES, PEAS 544482013-04-22
BenCauliflower curryCHILLIES, GARLIC, ONIONS, CORIANDER, TOMATOES 543822018-01-02
BenCheese SavouryONIONS, SPRING ONIONS, CARROTS 3Lots4592011-03-21
BenChicken Caesar saladGARLIC 144832015-02-03
BenChicken With Caramelized Onion and Cardamom RiceONIONS, DILL 244442013-11-22
BenChicken and Vegetable LasagnaCHILLIES, OREGANO, TOMATOES, ONIONS, GARLIC, CARROTS 694162014-05-27
BenChicken and chorizo paellaPRAWNS, GARLIC, PEAS 343762015-09-21
BenChicken fried riceBASIL, GARLIC, ONIONS 344342015-01-30
BenChicken noodle soupONIONS, BASIL, GARLIC, SPRING ONIONS, MINT 524062015-08-25
BenChicken, halloumi and green chilli spring roll with carrot and raisin yoghurt saladGARLIC, CHILLIES, CARROTS, MINT, CHIVES 544662011-08-13
BenChicken, leek and pea pasta bakeGARLIC, PEAS 262562020-08-03
BenChilli con carneONIONS 144592011-03-06
BenChinese 'Takeaway Style' Curry SauceGARLIC, PEAS 24109782014-06-15
BenChinese Eggplant with Spicy Garlic SauceGARLIC 123272018-11-18
BenChinese Five-Spice PowderFENNEL 12 tbsp4942014-05-27
BenChinese-style pork fillet with fried riceSPRING ONIONS, ONIONS 243822017-02-17
BenChinese-style spicy crispy beefGARLIC, ONIONS, SPRING ONIONS, CORIANDER 43652015-10-12
BenChop chop's aubergine and garlicCORIANDER, SPRING ONIONS, ONIONS, GARLIC, AUBERGINE 528562011-07-21
BenChop chop's pork and coriander jiao zi (boiled dumplings)CORIANDER, GARLIC 225292011-07-21
BenChorizo and squash risottoGARLIC 164242011-03-17
BenChorizo, Leek and Thyme RisottoTHYME, SAGE 245032012-04-12
BenCider Braised Mussels with Bacon and Crème FraîcheGARLIC, THYME 242742021-07-03
BenCock-a-leekie soupCARROTS, THYME 284722014-03-30
BenColeslawCARROTS, ONIONS 2Lots4992011-03-04
BenCottage PieTHYME, ONIONS, GARLIC, CARROTS 4105042013-04-22
BenCountry captain shepherd's pieLAMB, CORIANDER, TOMATOES, SPINACH, ONIONS, GARLIC 644742012-03-31
BenCrab risotto cakes with broad bean puréeONIONS, CRAB, THYME, TARRAGON, TOMATOES, SPRING ONIONS, GARLIC, BROAD BEANS 869472012-08-08
AngelaCreamy Carrot, Leek and Sausage PastaSAGE 124362011-03-16
BenCreamy chicken, bacon and basil pastaBASIL, GARLIC 243992015-06-01
BenCrisp fennel saladFENNEL, DILL 2444222011-04-20
BenCrispy chilli beefGARLIC, SPRING ONIONS, ONIONS 334992014-03-10
BenCrunchy courgette pickleCOURGETTES 11 litre1772021-01-17
BenCrunchy raw beetroot salad with feta and pearMINT 142782020-02-10
BenCrunchy red cabbage slawSPRING ONIONS, CORIANDER, ONIONS, BASIL 444542014-12-23
BenCucumber and radish salad with mustard dressingROCKET, RADISHES 284182014-07-06
BenDrunken Noodles (PAD KEE MAO)BASIL, SHRIMP, BROCCOLI, GARLIC, ONIONS 542392020-04-18
BenEarly autumn Cornish pastiesTHYME, ROSEMARY 268822014-09-23
BenEarly autumn minestrone (minestrone d'inizio autunno)CARROTS, COURGETTES, GARLIC, BASIL, FENNEL, SPINACH, ONIONS, TOMATOES 8Lots5202011-03-16
BenEasy fish cakesONIONS, SPRING ONIONS, COD, HADDOCK, SALMON 54-64532015-02-01
BenFabadaSAGE, ROSEMARY, GARLIC 341362021-06-23
BenFelicity's perfect PestoBASIL 11 jar6002011-10-29
BenFennel risotto with ricotta and dried chilli (risotto ai finocchi con ricotta e peperoncino)CHILLIES, FENNEL, GARLIC 364722011-03-07
BenFish PiePOLLACK, MINT, COD, HADDOCK, PEAS 54-64692011-03-04
BenFish Pie With Crispy Lemon Mashed Potato ToppingGARLIC, DILL, ONIONS 364392014-04-18
BenFish and Potato CurryONIONS, COLEY, CORIANDER, GARLIC, TOMATOES 564822011-05-05
BenFish pie - in four stepsHADDOCK 143872015-04-04
BenFlank Steak in Asian Beef Broth and NoodlesSPRING ONIONS, GARLIC, ONIONS 323002019-02-27
BenFragrant pork and auberginesSPRING ONIONS, ONIONS, PAK CHOI, AUBERGINE, GARLIC 524252011-09-07
BenFrench Grated Carrot Salad with Lemon Dijon VinaigretteCARROTS 141972021-02-26
BenFrozen pizzaSAGE, ONIONS 24102015-05-15
DelboyFruity Chicken (or vegeterian) CasserolePEACHES 144222012-01-18
BenGarlic and chilli pastaBASIL, GARLIC 244202011-03-22
BenGinger and soy glazed salmon with buk choyBROCCOLI, SALMON, CORIANDER, GARLIC 444742014-08-07
BenGlam mac and cheeseONIONS, SPRING ONIONS, THYME 344902012-05-06
BenGlazed onglet steak with brown butter mash, crispy shallots and madeiraGARLIC, THYME 243732018-02-14
BenGnocchi with pancetta, spinach and Parmesan creamSPINACH, GARLIC 244262015-06-12
BenGordon Ramsay’s butter chickenGARLIC, CORIANDER 247102019-08-24
BenGreek saladOREGANO, TOMATOES 244092011-03-04
BenGrilled Mackerel with Sicilian Caper-Tomato SalsaMACKEREL, GARLIC, NEW POTATOES, TOMATOES 445162011-07-14
BenGrilled mackerel fillets with a fennel, parmesan and green olive salad.BASIL, FENNEL, ONIONS, SPRING ONIONS, CHERVIL, CHIVES, MACKEREL 744272011-04-20
BenGrilled mackerel with tomato and avocado salsa recipeTHYME, TOMATOES, MACKEREL, GARLIC 445172011-07-14
BenGrilled mackerel with tomato and fennel saladTOMATOES, MACKEREL, FENNEL 344202012-07-14
BenGrilled trout with tarragon and lemon butterTARRAGON 124222013-05-02
BenHalibut with caper beurre blanc and crushed Jersey RoyalsHALIBUT 144912011-03-05
BenHerby quinoa, feta and pomegranate saladCORIANDER, MINT 24 OR 6-8 AS A SIDE3412019-01-20
BenHeston's Rich chilli con carne with spiced butterGARLIC, TOMATOES 245632014-06-07
BenHeston’s carbonaraONIONS, GARLIC 249512014-09-07
BenHoisin SauceGARLIC 162572020-03-10
BenHome-style lamb curryONIONS, FENNEL, GARLIC, TOMATOES, CORIANDER, LAMB 642182020-05-07
BenHomemade tomato chutneyONIONS, GARLIC 21 kg4952013-06-23
BenHot Smoked Salmon PastaGARLIC, SALMON, TARRAGON, PEAS 4413882013-04-22
BenHot orange-glazed turkey with Scarborough Fair stuffingCARROTS, SAGE, ROSEMARY, ONIONS, THYME 510-124982014-12-11
BenHugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Pheasant Casserole RecipeCARROTS, THYME, ROSEMARY 34139392011-03-04
BenIncredible baked lamb shanksGARLIC, ROSEMARY, SAGE, THYME, LAMB, CARROTS 644022015-06-21
BenIncredible roasted shoulder of lamb with smashed veg and greensCARROTS, MINT, GARLIC, ROSEMARY, LAMB 561412021-05-16
BenJamie Oliver's 4 hour slow roast lambGARLIC, LAMB, ROSEMARY, MINT 44-67482011-10-02
BenJapanese-style mackerel rice bowlSPRING ONIONS, GARLIC, MACKEREL, ONIONS 443282019-09-22
BenJerk sweet potato and black bean curryONIONS, CORIANDER, THYME 3101612021-02-02
BenJohn West chilli and garlic tuna stir-frySPRING ONIONS, GARLIC, MANGETOUT, CORIANDER, ONIONS 521962020-11-16
BenJools' sweet pea and prawn pasta shellsPEAS, GARLIC, PRAWNS 343712018-05-04
BenJools’ easy chicken curryTOMATOES, GARLIC 2616292016-02-02
BenKen Hom's Chicken fried rice recipeSHRIMP, PEAS, SPRING ONIONS, ONIONS, GARLIC 542472020-02-18
BenKeralan Pandi – South Indian Coconut-Pork CurryCORIANDER, CHILLIES, TOMATOES, FENNEL, ONIONS, GARLIC 646182019-10-08
BenLamb curry with basmati riceGARLIC, LAMB, CHILLIES, ONIONS, SPINACH, TOMATOES 644632012-07-19
BenLamb shanks with anchovyONIONS, GARLIC, LAMB, ROSEMARY 424572012-03-18
BenLamb vindalooGARLIC, ONIONS, CORIANDER, CHILLIES, LAMB 563942012-04-01
BenLamb, leek and potato pieTHYME, LAMB, CARROTS 37-84812012-04-29
BenLancashire hotpotCARROTS, ONIONS, LAMB 344612011-03-22
BenLancashire hotpot, pickled red cabbage, baby carrots and leeksONIONS, CHILLIES, CARROTS, LAMB 444042012-02-12
BenLangoustine and mussel chowder with herb celeryLANGOUSTINE 145042012-06-23
BenLeek and lamb pie with buttered new potatoes and carrotsLAMB, THYME, MINT, NEW POTATOES, CARROTS 584492011-03-06
BenLeek and ricotta cannelloniTHYME, GARLIC 246332011-03-04
BenLeft over roast lamb shepherd’s pieONIONS, CARROTS, LAMB, PEAS 428552011-10-06
BenLeftover Roast Chicken CurryCORIANDER, GARLIC, ONIONS, TOMATOES, SPINACH 524452011-11-28
BenLeftover roasted veg frittataBASIL 123772011-11-29
BenMalaysian beef curryCHILLIES, GARLIC 241712021-01-02
BenMegrim sole with grape dressing and roast garlic and potato puréeGARLIC, CHERVIL, TARRAGON 345842019-07-08
BenMelanzane with goats cheese and black puddingAUBERGINE, GARLIC, OREGANO 343962011-03-06
BenMoroccan MuttonAPRICOTS, ONIONS 263772011-03-06
BenMurgh makhani with pheasantGARLIC, CORIANDER, TOMATOES, CHILLIES 486012012-01-30
BenMushroom RisottoGARLIC 144222011-03-05
BenMy epic bbq sauceFENNEL, THYME, ROSEMARY, CORIANDER, GARLIC, CHILLIES 6Lots4262013-04-29
BenNext level Thai green currySHRIMP, GARLIC, BASIL, CHILLIES, CORIANDER 541862020-09-21
BenNext level tikka masalaCORIANDER, GARLIC 242822020-03-12
BenNigella Lawson's Chilli JamCHILLIES 11.5 litres17372012-01-04
BenNorth african squash and chickpea stewGARLIC, ONIONS, PEAS, CORIANDER 463262019-06-02
BenOne-pan Spanish fish stewPEAS, GARLIC 243162017-10-16
BenOven Baked Thai Style Whole BreamSPINACH, BROCCOLI, CHILLIES 323972014-04-21
BenOxtail Ragu with PappardelleCARROTS, TOMATOES, GARLIC 34192014-08-18
BenOxtail stewTHYME, ONIONS, GARLIC, CARROTS 45-64242012-01-18
BenPad Thai-style omeletteGARLIC, CORIANDER 224692011-03-07
BenPanfried Barramundi and scallops with gnocchi in a creamy white wine sauceTOMATOES, DILL, GARLIC, SPINACH, PEAS 524072014-12-15
BenParty-time Mexican tacos with zingy Mexican salsaCORIANDER, MINT, CHILLIES, THYME, GARLIC, ONIONS, SPRING ONIONS, TOMATOES 8164092015-05-13
BenPasta e Fagioli SoupGARLIC 14252014-07-23
BenPenang Beef CurryGARLIC, CORIANDER, SHRIMP 341972020-08-31
BenPerfect Goan fish curryCHILLIES, CORIANDER, PRAWNS, GARLIC 443472017-06-16
BenPerfect Potsticker DumplingsSPRING ONIONS, GARLIC, ONIONS 3323932014-02-05
BenPerfect chicken with 40 cloves of garlicTHYME, GARLIC 241152021-05-27
BenPerfect coleslawONIONS, CARROTS, SPRING ONIONS 341922020-08-25
BenPerfect moules marinièresTHYME 126472018-09-29
BenPerfect tomato soupBASIL, TOMATOES, GARLIC 342952019-08-07
BenPesto pasta with roasted sea bass and sauce viergeBROCCOLI, GARLIC, BASIL 314572011-11-04
BenPesto spaghetti with spinach and sausageSAGE, SPINACH 244402012-01-28
BenPilaf with salmon, asparagus and peasSALMON, GARLIC, PEAS 342802019-07-04
BenPizzaBASIL, GARLIC, OREGANO, THYME 485842011-03-22
BenPork Chop, Corn and Mascarpone Macaroni and CheeseTHYME, ROSEMARY, GARLIC 345222013-11-27
BenPork, Pancetta and Bean CasseroleONIONS, THYME, TOMATOES, OREGANO, GARLIC, ROSEMARY 64-64032011-03-04
BenPotato SaladSPRING ONIONS, ONIONS, CHERVIL 344782011-09-28
BenPotato and chorizo omelette with a kinda parsley saladROSEMARY, SAGE 224912012-07-05
BenPotato dauphinoise with stuffed leg of lambGARLIC, LAMB, MINT, PEAS 44-64212011-03-05
BenPouting fish fingers, sweet potato chips and cheat’s basil mayoGARLIC, ROSEMARY, BASIL 328732014-12-28
BenPrawn And Pea Risotto With Basil And MintPRAWNS, MINT, BASIL, PEAS, ONIONS, GARLIC 6411642011-08-04
BenPrawn Vindaloo RecipeGARLIC, PRAWNS 24762021-10-22
BenPrawn and Chive PotstickersONIONS, CORIANDER, CHIVES, SPRING ONIONS, SHRIMP 544072015-05-06
BenPrawn and tofu pad ThaiSHRIMP, CHIVES, PRAWNS, BASIL, MINT 523602019-07-25
BenProper blokes' sausage fusilliSAGE, OREGANO, FENNEL, CHILLIES 445152011-04-07
BenProsciutto, Tomato, and Olive SpaghettiGARLIC, TOMATOES 244292014-12-02
BenQuick hummusPEAS, GARLIC 22-44112011-03-31
BenQuick prawn and chorizo paellaPRAWNS 12802021-12-09
BenQuickie sausage goulashTOMATOES, ONIONS, SAGE 344832011-03-04
BenQuinoa, feta, pea and mint salad with lemon and chilliMINT, PEAS 213702018-05-08
BenRabbit Stew with Cider and HoneyTHYME, RABBIT, CARROTS 364152011-03-05
BenRagù alla bolognese from Giorgio Locatelli’s Made in Italy Food and StoriesROSEMARY, GARLIC, SAGE, OREGANO 4445912012-08-06
BenRamen Noodle and Beef SoupONIONS, GARLIC 241862020-09-03
BenRau Ram Chicken SaladMINT, CORIANDER 221242021-07-25
BenRed prawn and mango curryCORIANDER, PRAWNS 22-43772015-05-27
BenRice and peasTHYME, ONIONS, SPRING ONIONS 341572021-02-02
BenRick Stein's leek cannelloni with lemon thyme and provolone piccanteTHYME, GARLIC, TOMATOES 3433872012-06-28
BenRick Stein's madras fish curryCORIANDER, TOMATOES, GARLIC, CHILLIES 44-617002014-01-13
BenRigatoni with spiced prawns, tomatoes and chorizoSAGE, ONIONS, TOMATOES, SPRING ONIONS, PRAWNS 55-64282015-02-12
BenRioja-braised lamb shanks with chorizo and garlicCARROTS, GARLIC, ROSEMARY, LAMB 444952012-07-01
BenRoast Pheasants with Chestnut Stuffing and Port and Chestnut SauceTHYME, SAGE 244452011-12-23
BenRoast chicken with lemon and rosemary roast potatoesTHYME, ROSEMARY, GARLIC 346402011-11-27
BenRoast lemon coley with samphire, tartar sauce and oven baked olive oil chipsSAMPHIRE, COLEY 225162011-04-05
BenRoast shoulder of lamb with garlic and fennelCHILLIES, GARLIC, SPINACH, LAMB, FENNEL 54-64072011-03-05
BenRoasted Carrot SaladCARROTS 12/43972014-07-21
BenRoasted cod with fennel, red onion and balsamic tomatoesCOD, TOMATOES, FENNEL, CHILLIES 443862015-09-01
BenRoasted red pepper and orange soupTOMATOES, BASIL, ONIONS 383782011-03-17
BenRosemary and lemon roast chickenGARLIC, CARROTS, ROSEMARY 344302014-06-09
BenSalmon Honey and SoySALMON, GARLIC 243922014-07-06
BenSalmon and asparagus quicheSALMON, TARRAGON 24-64792013-04-22
BenSausage Bake With Potatoes And GravyGARLIC, OREGANO, CARROTS, ONIONS, THYME, SAGE 643092018-11-13
BenSausage Casserole and Sweet Potato MashTOMATOES, SAGE, THYME, FENNEL 444002011-03-05
BenSausage, fennel and tomato pastaTOMATOES, SAGE, GARLIC, FENNEL 443852014-01-04
AngelaSausages with Mustard Mash and Red Onion GravySAGE 144482011-11-04
BenScotch brothLAMB, TURNIPS, PEAS, ONIONS, CARROTS 56-84722012-01-04
BenSeared Flank Steak with Charred Broccoli ChimichurriGARLIC, BROCCOLI 2418592018-06-05
BenShallot and red wine sauceGARLIC, ROSEMARY 24452022-02-14
BenShepherd's pieGARLIC, LAMB, ONIONS, THYME 464272011-08-04
BenSicilian Eggplant CaponataTOMATOES, ONIONS, GARLIC 36-84042014-07-13
BenSlivered Red Pepper, Carrot and Snap Pea SaladPEAS, GARLIC, BASIL, MINT, CARROTS 56-83942014-06-25
BenSlow Cooked Teriyaki BeefONIONS, GARLIC, SPRING ONIONS 343342018-12-24
BenSlow Roast Leg Of LambLAMB, ROSEMARY, GARLIC 384202018-12-02
BenSlow Roasted Shoulder of LambLAMB, ROSEMARY, GARLIC 364122011-03-04
BenSlow-cooked shoulder of lamb with roasted vegetablesTOMATOES, ROSEMARY, THYME, GARLIC, LAMB, CARROTS, ONIONS 76-84452012-03-24
BenSlow-roasted tomato, green bean and feta saladTOMATOES, GARLIC, ROCKET, BASIL 44-64282014-04-20
BenSmoked Mackerel Pate with Horseradish Creme FraicheDILL, MACKEREL 26-84152011-03-04
BenSmoked haddock chowderONIONS, GARLIC, HADDOCK, COD, THYME 565002011-03-07
BenSmoked mackerel risottoMACKEREL, SPINACH 264742011-10-19
BenSpaghetti Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino (Garlic, Olive Oil and Chilli Spaghetti)CHILLIES, GARLIC 225262011-05-22
BenSpaghetti Bolognese with ChorizoOREGANO, CARROTS, GARLIC, TOMATOES, BASIL 564832011-03-06
BenSpaghetti Squash Gratin With BasilGARLIC, BASIL 264222012-07-10
BenSpaghetti alle vongoleGARLIC 144602015-04-05
BenSpaghetti marinaraPRAWNS, GARLIC, TOMATOES, BASIL 463482014-12-28
BenSpiced mackerel with horseradish potatoesCHIVES, NEW POTATOES, CORIANDER, MACKEREL, WATERCRESS 54922021-09-24
BenSpicy Parsnip SoupGARLIC 143262019-11-18
BenSpinach and feta / Mince lamb GozlemeGARLIC, LAMB, SPINACH 365382014-10-22
BenSpinach and ricotta gnocchi with mushroom sauceSPINACH, GARLIC 244792011-03-06
BenSpring lamb stewGARLIC, THYME, CARROTS, LAMB, PEAS 54-64252012-08-08
BenSquash MashGARLIC, OREGANO 244302011-10-10
BenSri Lankan-style monkfish curryGARLIC, CHILLIES, ONIONS, TOMATOES 443512016-10-17
BenStar anise spiced sea bream (Marc Fosh)CORIANDER, SEA BREAM, CARROTS, GARLIC 464382014-04-21
BenSteak bordelaise with cavolo neroGARLIC, THYME 24432022-02-14
BenSticky Asian-style salmon with broccoli, quick pickled cucumber and riceSPRING ONIONS, SALMON, BROCCOLI, ONIONS 421882020-06-07
BenSticky Chinese Pork BellyGARLIC 143892018-05-04
BenStir-Fried Chilli PrawnsSPRING ONIONS, PRAWNS, ONIONS 32-44012011-09-08
BenStir-fried beef with hoisin sauceMANGETOUT, GARLIC 224332012-06-03
BenSweet Potato and Snap Pea Salad with Zesty Peanut DressingPEAS, GARLIC 2some3982012-08-08
BenTaglietelle BologneseCARROTS, ONIONS 26-83342017-02-01
BenTempura prawns and vegetables with a thai inspired saladFENNEL, PRAWNS, ONIONS, GARLIC, CORIANDER 544532014-06-17
BenTeriyaki chickenGARLIC, BROCCOLI 243162019-08-22
BenThai Green CurrySHRIMP, PRAWNS, AUBERGINE 344672011-03-21
BenThai green curry of prawn and fishSHRIMP, AUBERGINE, PRAWNS, CHILLIES, CORIANDER, COD, GARLIC, BASIL 844352011-03-04
BenThai prawn, ginger and spring onion stir-fryPRAWNS, CORIANDER, SPRING ONIONS, ONIONS, GARLIC 52242022-04-07
BenThai red fish curry with noodlesCORIANDER, GARLIC, SPRING ONIONS, ONIONS, PEAS 542922018-11-13
BenThai shredded chicken and runner bean saladMINT, BASIL, CORIANDER, RUNNER BEANS, GARLIC 542402020-08-02
BenThai-style roast beef saladSPRING ONIONS, BASIL, MINT, TOMATOES, ONIONS, MANGETOUT, GARLIC, CARROTS 83-43832015-04-07
BenThe best chicken salad everROCKET, TOMATOES, MINT 34-63762015-06-18
BenThe perfect Greek saladOREGANO, TOMATOES 243952014-07-03
BenThe perfect bologneseTOMATOES 145282012-08-06
BenThe perfect tomato sauceTOMATOES, GARLIC, BASIL 3Some4942013-08-01
BenToad in the Hole with Roasted-onion GravyONIONS, SAGE 22-34652011-12-08
BenToad in the hole in 4 easy stepsTHYME, SAGE, ONIONS 344312013-05-23
BenTomato soupGARLIC, BASIL, TOMATOES 344182011-03-22
DelboyTruck Driver's Dahl BahtGARLIC, TOMATOES 249412012-01-18
BenTurbot with a ginger and lime sauce and steamed greensBROCCOLI, CORIANDER, GARLIC, MINT 443282018-06-14
BenValentine Warner Venison PieTHYME, CARROTS, ONIONS 34-65442011-12-03
BenVegan tofu katsu curryGARLIC 122402020-01-22
BenVegetarian Shepherd's PieROSEMARY, GARLIC, CARROTS 3Some4442011-07-02
BenVegetarian cauliflower, spinach and chickpea baltiGARLIC, SPINACH, PEAS, ONIONS, CORIANDER, TOMATOES, CHILLIES 762532019-12-31
BenVenison caseroleNEW POTATOES, SPINACH, ONIONS, ROSEMARY, THYME, GARLIC 64-64202011-12-23
BenVietnamese chicken noodle soupMINT, SPRING ONIONS, ONIONS, GARLIC, CORIANDER 562152020-03-15
BenVietnamese spiced beef with papaya and nuoc cham saladBASIL, CHILLIES, GARLIC, CORIANDER, MINT 544002014-10-14
BenVietnamese-style Carrot And Cabbage SlawCARROTS, CORIANDER, BASIL, GARLIC, CHILLIES 541072021-06-15
BenWagmam Chilli Pork RamenCORIANDER 123632019-06-19
BenWagmam barbecue sauceGARLIC 1Makes 200ml3142020-03-10
BenWagmam chilli dipping sauceCHILLIES, GARLIC 2Makes about 200ml2752019-04-09
BenWaldorf salad with grilled goats’ cheeseROCKET 169322011-11-12
BenWarm Jerusalem artichoke and watercress saladARTICHOKE, WATERCRESS 243902011-11-12
BenWatercress, pear and blue cheese saladROCKET, WATERCRESS 264262012-03-31
BenWhole roast bream with potatoes and olivesSEA BREAM, GARLIC 224192014-04-23
BenWill's Spicy Pepper and Tomato RelishTOMATOES, FENNEL, GARLIC 33-44012012-08-14
BenWinter pudding bombeCHERRIES 1104242011-04-02
Benthe best 15 minute pad thaiGARLIC, PRAWNS 223232019-04-26
Ben‘the chairman’ beef lager and shiitake pie with Innis and Gunn Original Oak Aged BeerFENNEL,CORIANDER,GARLIC249192012-06-12