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almonds, apples, beetroot, blood oranges, brazil nuts, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, celeriac, celery, chicory, clams, clementines, cockles, dab, dover sole, duck, guinea fowl, gurnard, haddock, hake, halibut, hare, horseradish, jerusalem artichoke, kale, kiwi fuirt, kohlrabi, langoustine, leeks, lemon sole, lemons, lobster, mackerel, mallard, mussels, oranges, oysters, parsnips, partridge, passion fruit, pears, pineapple, pomegranate, potatoes (maincrop), red mullet, rhubarb, salsify, satsumas, scallops (queen), sea bream, shallots, skate, swede, tangerines, truffles (black), turbot, turkey, turnips, venison, walnuts,

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Ingredient match
Ben'Full of veg' tomato sauceCELERY 1Lots4242013-04-29
Ben12 hour rabbit bologneseCELERY 1145132012-03-31
Ben12 hour rabbit bologneseLEEKS 1145132012-03-31
BenBBQ beef short ribs with winter slawKALE, BEETROOT 263862016-02-17
BenBanana BreadWALNUTS 18-104002013-06-21
BenBeef and chorizo with horseradish mash and rosemary dumplingsPARSNIPS, HORSERADISH 244352011-11-04
BenBeef and vegetable casseroleCELERY 145032011-10-25
BenBeef rendangSHALLOTS 143602015-05-09
BenBeetroot and ginger chutneyAPPLES, BEETROOT 21.5 litres4372012-03-31
BenBeetroot dipBEETROOT 183172018-05-08
BenBeetroot, Apple and Onion ChutneyAPPLES, BEETROOT 2Lots4152011-03-04
BenBlood Orange SorbetBLOOD ORANGES, ORANGES 2Lots3562011-03-04
BenBlood orange and anchovy saladBLOOD ORANGES, ORANGES 245762011-03-15
BenBraised oxcheek with liquoriceCAULIFLOWER, CELERY 244882011-10-10
AngelaBritish rhubarb, macadamia and white chocolate cakeRHUBARB 1125042011-07-04
BenButternut squash muffins with a frosty topWALNUTS 1163472015-01-08
BenCauliflower curryCAULIFLOWER 143102018-01-02
BenChicken and Vegetable LasagnaCELERY 193492014-05-27
BenChicken fried riceSHALLOTS 143692015-01-30
BenChicken, halloumi and green chilli spring roll with carrot and raisin yoghurt saladSHALLOTS 143952011-08-13
BenChicken, leek and pea pasta bakeLEEKS 161632020-08-03
BenChilli con carneCELERY 143952011-03-06
BenChorizo and squash risottoSHALLOTS, CELERY 263562011-03-17
BenChorizo, Leek and Thyme RisottoLEEKS 144282012-04-12
BenCider Braised Mussels with Bacon and Crème FraîcheMUSSELS 141472021-07-03
BenCottage PieCELERY 1104382013-04-22
BenCrunchy courgette pickleSHALLOTS, CELERY 21 litre942021-01-17
BenCrunchy raw beetroot salad with feta and pearHAKE, PEARS 242072020-02-10
BenEarly autumn minestrone (minestrone d'inizio autunno)CELERY 1Lots4592011-03-16
BenEasy fish cakesHADDOCK 14-63962015-02-01
BenFish PieHADDOCK, CELERY 24-64042011-03-04
BenFish pie - in four stepsHADDOCK 143222015-04-04
BenFrench Grated Carrot Salad with Lemon Dijon VinaigretteSHALLOTS 141372021-02-26
DelboyFruity Chicken (or vegeterian) CasseroleCELERY 143562012-01-18
BenGlazed onglet steak with brown butter mash, crispy shallots and madeiraSHALLOTS 142952018-02-14
BenGrilled Mackerel with Sicilian Caper-Tomato SalsaMACKEREL 144382011-07-14
BenGrilled mackerel fillets with a fennel, parmesan and green olive salad.MACKEREL 143642011-04-20
BenGrilled mackerel with tomato and avocado salsa recipeMACKEREL 144392011-07-14
BenGrilled mackerel with tomato and fennel saladMACKEREL, CELERY 243522012-07-14
BenHalibut with caper beurre blanc and crushed Jersey RoyalsHALIBUT 144302011-03-05
BenHerby quinoa, feta and pomegranate saladALMONDS, POMEGRANATE 24 OR 6-8 AS A SIDE2592019-01-20
BenHome-made Christmas MincemeatALMONDS 14 x 370g jars1212020-11-12
BenHot orange-glazed turkey with Scarborough Fair stuffingORANGES, TURKEY 210-124282014-12-11
BenHugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Pheasant Casserole RecipeCELERY 14130572011-03-04
BenIncredible roasted shoulder of lamb with smashed veg and greensSWEDE 16752021-05-16
BenJamie's mulled wineCLEMENTINES 1Lots4042011-03-16
BenJapanese-style mackerel rice bowlMACKEREL 142642019-09-22
BenJohn West chilli and garlic tuna stir-fryPEARS 121332020-11-16
BenKen Hom's Chicken fried rice recipeSHALLOTS 141822020-02-18
BenLamb curry with basmati ricePOMEGRANATE 144052012-07-19
BenLamb, leek and potato pieCELERY 17-84092012-04-29
BenLancashire hotpot, pickled red cabbage, baby carrots and leeksLEEKS 143392012-02-12
BenLangoustine and mussel chowder with herb celeryMUSSELS, LANGOUSTINE, CELERY 344372012-06-23
BenLeek and lamb pie with buttered new potatoes and carrotsLEEKS 183812011-03-06
BenLeek and ricotta cannelloniLEEKS 145832011-03-04
BenMalaysian beef currySHALLOTS 141042021-01-02
BenMushroom RisottoSHALLOTS, CELERY 243632011-03-05
BenMy Mother's Spring RollsCAULIFLOWER 125-303232016-02-03
BenMy epic bbq sauceORANGES 1Lots3602013-04-29
BenNext level Thai green currySHALLOTS 141262020-09-21
BenNext level tikka masalaALMONDS 141972020-03-12
BenNorth african squash and chickpea stewCELERY 162422019-06-02
BenOnglet aux échalotesSHALLOTS 147942011-03-04
BenOxtail Ragu with PappardelleCELERY 13612014-08-18
BenOxtail stewCELERY 15-63792012-01-18
BenPasta e Fagioli SoupCELERY 13692014-07-23
BenPasta mista with potatoes, pancetta and provolaCELERY 141482020-08-19
BenPenang Beef CurrySHALLOTS 141322020-08-31
BenPerfect coleslawHORSERADISH 141392020-08-25
BenPerfect moules marinièresMUSSELS, SHALLOTS 225282018-09-29
BenPork Chop, Corn and Mascarpone Macaroni and CheeseORANGES 144482013-11-27
BenPork, Pancetta and Bean CasseroleCELERY 14-63302011-03-04
BenPotato and chorizo omelette with a kinda parsley saladSHALLOTS 124222012-07-05
BenPrawn And Pea Risotto With Basil And MintSHALLOTS, CELERY 248602011-08-04
BenPrawn and tofu pad ThaiSHALLOTS 122872019-07-25
BenProsciutto, Tomato, and Olive SpaghettiSHALLOTS 143752014-12-02
BenPumpkin, kale and parmesan saladKALE 164082011-11-12
BenRabbit Stew with Cider and HoneyCELERY 163612011-03-05
BenRagù alla bolognese from Giorgio Locatelli’s Made in Italy Food and StoriesCELERY 1437762012-08-06
BenRau Ram Chicken SaladSHALLOTS 12712021-07-25
BenRhubarb and blood orange clafoutisRHUBARB, ALMONDS 261622020-03-17
BenRhubarb and blood orange crumbleORANGES, ALMONDS, RHUBARB, BLOOD ORANGES 443882012-02-26
BenRhubarb crumbleRHUBARB 144002011-04-06
BenRick Stein's leek cannelloni with lemon thyme and provolone piccanteLEEKS 1429462012-06-28
BenRigatoni with spiced prawns, tomatoes and chorizoSHALLOTS 15-63522015-02-12
BenRoast lemon coley with samphire, tartar sauce and oven baked olive oil chipsHORSERADISH 124522011-04-05
BenRoast shoulder of lamb with garlic and fennelLEMONS 14-63492011-03-05
BenRoasted Carrot SaladALMONDS 12/43322014-07-21
BenRoasted red pepper and orange soupCELERY 183272011-03-17
BenSalmon and asparagus quichePEARS 14-64252013-04-22
BenSausage Casserole and Sweet Potato MashSHALLOTS 143322011-03-05
BenScotch brothCELERY, TURNIPS, KALE 36-84082012-01-04
BenSlow-cooked shoulder of lamb with roasted vegetablesLEEKS, CELERY 26-83882012-03-24
BenSmoked Mackerel Pate with Horseradish Creme FraicheMACKEREL, HORSERADISH 26-83582011-03-04
BenSmoked haddock chowderCELERY, LEEKS, HADDOCK 364402011-03-07
BenSmoked mackerel risottoSHALLOTS, MACKEREL, CELERY, KALE 464202011-10-19
BenSpaghetti Bolognese with ChorizoCELERY 164142011-03-06
BenSpaghetti alle vongoleCLAMS, SHALLOTS 243952015-04-05
BenSpiced mackerel with horseradish potatoesHORSERADISH, MACKEREL, SHALLOTS 34412021-09-24
BenSpicy Parsnip SoupPARSNIPS 142362019-11-18
BenSpinach and ricotta gnocchi with mushroom sauceSHALLOTS 144102011-03-06
BenSpring poached chickenCELERY, HORSERADISH, TURNIPS 363962013-06-11
BenStar anise spiced sea bream (Marc Fosh)SEA BREAM 163672014-04-21
BenStilton and cranberry salad with cinnamon dressingALMONDS 143362011-11-12
BenTagliatelle al Ragu BologneseCELERY 143382015-06-16
BenTaglietelle BologneseCELERY 16-82742017-02-01
BenTangy chicory saladCHICORY 16892021-02-03
BenThai Green CurrySHALLOTS 144092011-03-21
BenThai green curry of prawn and fishCELERY 143652011-03-04
BenThai shredded chicken and runner bean saladSHALLOTS 141712020-08-02
BenThai-style roast beef saladHAKE 13-43302015-04-07
BenThe best apple crumbleAPPLES 143202015-07-12
BenThe perfect bologneseCELERY 144602012-08-06
BenTurbot with a ginger and lime sauce and steamed greensSHALLOTS, TURBOT 242552018-06-14
BenValentine Warner Venison PieVENISON 14-64622011-12-03
BenVegetarian Shepherd's PieCELERY, LEEKS 2Some3762011-07-02
BenVegetarian cauliflower, spinach and chickpea baltiCAULIFLOWER 161972019-12-31
BenVenison caseroleVENISON 14-63682011-12-23
BenVietnamese chicken noodle soupSHALLOTS 161552020-03-15
BenVietnamese-style Carrot And Cabbage SlawSHALLOTS 14652021-06-15
BenWaldorf salad with grilled goats’ cheeseCELERY, APPLES 268092011-11-12
BenWarm Jerusalem artichoke and watercress saladJERUSALEM ARTICHOKE, WALNUTS 243212011-11-12
BenWatercress, pear and blue cheese saladPEARS 163632012-03-31
BenWhole roast bream with potatoes and olivesSEA BREAM 123562014-04-23
BenWinter pudding bombeCLEMENTINES 1103662011-04-02
Benapple and walnut risotto with gorgonzolaWALNUTS, APPLES 283602012-06-21
Ben‘the chairman’ beef lager and shiitake pie with Innis and Gunn Original Oak Aged BeerCELERY247782012-06-12